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Upgrade to Scorpion Vision Software Version X

Scorpion Vision Software version X released in October 2012, is a major release supporting the new Windows-8 operating system from Microsoft.

The following points apply when you upgrade your existing Scorpion Vision Software solution to version X:

  • Version X will not accept any previous licenses.
  • Licenses purchased after August 1, 2012 can be upgraded free of charge before December 31, 2012.
  • Upgrades must be purchased from Tordivel AS.
  • When installing Scorpion on  computer running a previous version - a new program directory ...\...\Scorpion X is created.
    • The user can thus choose to run Scorpion 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and X on the upgraded computer.
    • Multiple versions of Scorpion can coexist on the same computer.
  • Profiles created by previous version  are manually or automatically transferred to Scorpion 9.0 profile directory under MyDocuments
    • Scorpion will automatically migrate the profile to version X when started.
    • Note that the default Scorpion version X profile directory is located under MyDocuments.

Free Upgrades with Software Maintenance Contract to Scorpion Vision Software version X

For users that have purchased the 10-098 - Scorpion Vision Software Maintenance Contract - the version upgrade is for free. To upgrade licenses follow the procedure:

A new license certificate will be mailed to your company and an upgraded license key will be sent to your e-mail address.

Users with a valid Scorpion Vision System Service agreement is also entitled to a free upgrade.

Versions Upgrades for Scorpion Vision Software X

Users with no maintenance contract or service contract must upgrade each system license by purchasing the applicable version upgrade product.

After purchasing the Version Upgrade, follow the procedure:

A new license certificate will be mailed to your company and an upgraded license key will be sent to your e-mail address.

Profile Upgrade notice when running a profile generated by a Scorpion Version X

When starting profiles for the first time with Scorpion Version X the following notice will be displayed:

We recommend to backup the profile before starting Scorpion Vision Version X

Scorpion Version X Demo Licenses

Scorpion demo licenses are available for test and evaluation of Scorpion Vision Software.

Demo licenses will only run in automatic mode for 30 minutes and the application will be terminated after 4.0 hours.

Scorpion version X demo licenses can only be used to evaluate Scorpion Vision Software.

More information - License Agreement

More information about Scorpion Vision Software version X

More information about Scorpion Version X is located at www.scorpionvision.com and tordivelBlog

Please contact support@tordivel.no for other issues regarding Scorpion Vision Software.

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