The TDVCmdProtocol is a simple text-format where commands and values are separated with the ‘;’-character. A command is defined as a string and a value is defined by a tag and a value separated with an ‘=’ character.

A typical message consists of a command and a couple of values:

example: watch;program=scorpion;value=on

Using a text protocol where values are identified with tags and commands are commands means that application protocols can be defined and extended without having the receiving parser to fail even if command or values are unknown when received.

The IMTDVCmdProtocol uses transport layer defined by Internet Messenger to securely transmit the messages over TCP/IP. This protocol is simple and text-based to make it easy to implement.

The Internet Messenger 4 Network Protocol is pure text with the following properties:

  • No restriction on message size<
  • A message has the following format:
    • Header – format is <ip>:<port>:
    • zero-terminated ASCII string
    • Each message is acknowledge by sending a lf-character to the client in the open socket

Procedure to send a message to an Internet Messenger server is:

  1. Open a socket
  2. Format Header with requester
  3. Concatenate the header and the zero-terminated message string: “ watch;program=scorpion;value=on<null>”
  4. Send the package over the open socket
  5. Wait for an acknowledge
  6. Close the socket.

The ip –format is

Ascii Table


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