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Console Window

The console window is used for debugging Scorpion Vision Systems.


The console mouse menu has the following entries:

  • Clear - will clear the console window
  • Copy - copies the selected text into the clipboard
  • Select all - selects everything
  • Print - print console to default printer
  • Always on top - forces the console to stay on top
  • History length - sets the number of lines to be stored in the console window
The Python command line at the button of the console windows is very useful when debugging profiles or developing script. Python script expression are evaluating and executed by pressing return.

Example printout:

  print 'gap1 : ',gap1,' gap2 : ',gap2 

gives the following printout

  gap1 : 0.581566214561 gap2 : 0.618865609169  

Example error – big P in print

  Print 'gap1 : ',gap1,' gap2 : ',gap2 

gives the following error message

  File "<string>", line 4

Print 'gap1 : ',gap1,' gap2 : ',gap2


SyntaxError: invalid syntax 

Note: When debugging and verifying scripts always check System Log and Console Windows for error messages.

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