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Debugging Python Script
In Scorpion Python’s standard console is transferred to the Scorpion' console window. This means that the python statement print can be used to debug Python Scripts.

  • print ' A -',A   # prints the the content of variable A to the console window

The console window can be activated from the python script editor.

Syntax Errors

A syntax error GetBValue will result in that the line is highligted in red. The status bar displays the error message from the python interpreter. In this example : NameError : name  'GetBValue' is not defined

Runtime Errors

Run-time error are displayed in the System Log. The tool or method is named and the actual error is displayed. In this case the tag name was none existing.


Console Window

When establishing a script, error messages from the Python interpreter are routed to this window. If you use the Python print command, output will show up in the console window. More information.


Note: When debugging and verifying scripts always check System Log and Console Windows for error messages.

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