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Pareto2 Plugin

The Pareto2 plug-in is used for monitoring distribution of some values. For example, this could be a classification of products to different categories.

In the picture below main plug-in screen with Pareto graph is shown.

Pareto plug-in chart

Settings dialog is used for configuration of the plug-in (see the picture below). It is invoked by clicking right mouse button on the Pareto chart and selecting Settings from popup menu (Scorpion must be in service mode).

In Settings dialog it is possible to add the categories ("Pareto Classes") for showing them in the graph. The user could add, edit or delete Pareto classes. Each class has its own bar color and attached to the Scorpion tag for getting value to show. Also it is possible to accesses plug-in settings and Pareto graph properties.

Pareto Plug-in main screen

Dialog shown in the picture below is used for Pareto class creating or editing. In this dialog the following settings could be changed:

  • Active - Is this class active (shown in Pareto). This item could be linked to Scorpion Boolean tag;
  • Name - Pareto class name to be displayed in the graph (the name should be unique);
  • Tag - tag name for getting values from;
  • Default Color - bar color in the Pareto graph;
  • Ranges - is used for setting different bar colors when values are in specific ranges. If value does not fit in Ranges the Default Color is used.
Pareto plug-in class dialog

In the range dialog (see picture below) it is possible to associate color with value range between Low edge and High edge.

Pareto plug-in color range dialog

In  Pareto graph properties dialog it's possible to specify properties of the Pareto graph. Use title and subtitle properties only if you need static text and if you are not going to specify title or subtitle in Pareto plug-in settings (see below).

Pareto plug-in properties dialog

In Data Logging on Reset dialog it is possible to setup log file name for dynamic creation. For example new log file for each day could be started if you select Automatic file name. In case of  Static file name everything will be logged in the same file. Data separator is used for value separation in log file. If Add header as file first row check box is selected - classes names of the Pareto will be logged to the log file first row.

In Pareto plug-in settings dialog (picture below) these settings could be set:

  • Pareto max y value - maximum value to show on Pareto graph y axis.
  • Pareto min y value - minimum value to show on Pareto graph y axis.
  • Pareto type - Pareto appearance mode. Possible values:
    • Accumulating values - if this type is set, Pareto graph will be collecting values from tags and summarizing them;
    • Static values - if this Pareto type is used, there will be no tag value accumulation performed, and Pareto graph will show current tag values distribution.
  • Subtitle* - Subtitle for Pareto chart.
  • Title* - Title for Pareto chart.

* - It is possible to use tags in Pareto title and subtitle. The tag notation is $(tagname). It will be replaced with actual value. Pareto also contains built in tags:

  • TotalCount - Total count of inspected items;
  • LastReset - Last time of Pareto reset.

Pareto plug-in settings dialog



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