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Scorpion can send or receive commands and values to or from other applications over RS232. Thus Scorpion can be configured and managed from external systems. These can also be other Scorpion systems. An external system may also send commands, set values in or receive values from Scorpion.

The dialogue to set the connection for the RS232 protocol is shown below. The window will continuously show the commands and values transmitted between Scorpion and the external system.

  • Active - The RS-232 TDVCmdProtocol interface is activated checking the Active options - default off
  • Send command response - Is default off. It is normally check when setting up or debugging the system to verify that the Scorpion system is alive.

COM port settings

  • Port number - select the serial port to use
  • Parameters - sets the serial port parameters
    • default 9600;8;pNone;1 - baud rate = 9600 , 8 data bits, no parity and 1 stop bit
  • Set - press this button to submit com port changes

Note: if the port do not open an event trace is generated


  • Show in message - displays incoming packets in event trace - default on
  • Show out messages - displays outgoing packets in event trace - default on
  • Write log to file - activate when you need to have a persistence trace - default off
    • Rs232log.txt - the name of the log file
  • Protocol - select the packet protocol
    1. stx <Data> etx
    2. stx <Data> <Checksum> etx
    3. soh stx <Data> etx
    4. stx <Data> etx cr
    5. <Data> cr
    6. <Data> cr lf
    7. <Data> lf
    8. soh <Data> etb

More on RS232DVCmdProtocol

Note: For testing RS232 communication a TestRS232TDVCmdProtocol program is available

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