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There is a STP-2012-0040 DataInput that is a vital guide to using advanced Data Input features.

Example 1 : Adding curves as Scorpion Python Plugins

In this sample there is

  • One statepanel
  • Seven buttons with filmstrips that can be connected to state in the application

Example 2 : Adding curves as Scorpion Python Plugins

The DataInput plugin can be used to create a matrix of curves in a page. This can be very useful.

In this sample there are the following items:

  • Memo
  • State
  • Plugin with two curve plugins

Example 3 : One Push 3D Calibration - Scorpion Version X

This sample shows new features in Scorpion Version X where button support state, filmstrip and scripts.

The sample uses the following advanced datainput elements:

  • Button
  • State
  • Indicator Panel



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