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Data Input
When we invented the The Data Input page concept we did understand how important this was for Scorpion Vision.

The basic idea was to replace the need for custom html or .Net pages that is easy to embed in the Scorpion Application. It is used in almost all Scorpion Vision Systems.

The main purpose is to let the profile builder to quickly expose selected parameters to be configured by the operator or the user of the Scorpion Vision profile - it is easy and extremely powerful feature. With data input concept the pages are built on site and often maintained by the operator. This means that they are up to date and defined by the people using it.

An input page consists of named groups or sections. In each group a list of editable parameters is contained. A group or an item can be copied between pages and profiles.

The Data Input concept is also added to the generic BaseTool for creation custom user tool and the ToolBox. This means that the user interface is moved out into the tool where it really belongs. In this way it is possible to copy the tool including the data input gui between profiles.

Below an input page is added to the Settings tab - password protected with the operator password.

The System group is defined by the profile builder.

  • The Application Name is connected to a System value in the tag database.

The Application Name system properties show a Name, a Caption and Parameter. It is possible to configure multiple languages in a Data Input Page - the Caption be language specific. By linking the System.SystemName means that the user has Read/Write access to this value when editing the Application Name in the Data Input Page. It is possible to mark a value read only.

  • The Image Buffer is connected to a value in the Toolbox.
    • The precision and the unit is defined in the result tab of the actual tool.
    • Most often results/settings from Data tools are mapped in the Data Input page.

The Image Buffer is linked to AppState.historyLength parameter. The browse ... button will activate tag selector.

The Tag Browser contains all values / tags that can be linked to the data input page field Image Buffer.

Information Group

The Vendor section show a decoration. The decoration has the following properties

  • Text
  • Height
  • Font
  • Image
    • Image Position : Left | Top | Right | Bottom

Options Group

The option Self Trigger field is connected to the AppState.bInternalTrigger. The Period is connected to the  AppState.triggerPeriod and the Live Video is connected directly System.Live Video.

Note: By activating the Option.Immediate property clicking on the slide button will toggle on / off live video directly.

The Option.Right is normally when the option activates / deactivate a set of values when set ON. If the option is only reflecting itself the option can be set ON like with the Live Video that is Right justified.

The Readonly property will disable user access to change or set the value.

Data Input Operations

The following operations are available:

  • Apply - will submit the values of the input page to the toolbox
  • Undo - will undo changes not submitted to the toolbox
  • Refresh - will update the value of the page
  • Help - will activate this page

Note: If the value of the Data Input page is changed from somewhere else than the Data Input the user needs to press Refresh to get the current values.

Configuring the Input Page

In Service mode a mouse menu will be available with right-clicking the mouse. The mouse menu is position sensitive. Position the mouse on top of the object you want to edit or where you want to create a new group or new parameter.


  • New - creates a new item of the following types in the position given by the mouse position
    •  Parameter
    • Option
    • Enum
    • List
    • Decoration
    • Memo
    • State panel
    • Indicator panel
    • Buttons
    • Plugin
    • Line
    • Space
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Arrange - activates the item sorting dialog
  • Delete - activates a delete item dialog
  • New Group
  • Properties
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Arrange - activates the group sorting dialog
  • Delete - deletes a group
  • Apply
  • Undo
  • Refresh
  • Enable keypads
  • Caption - set caption
  • Show Caption - toggle caption on / off
  • Show Buttons - show / hide operation buttons
  • Set font size
  • Help - activates this page

Hint: A group must be created before an item can be added.

Example 1: Convert UniCode to Norwegian Characters

def unicodeToNOR(strval): 
 return s

if not product in products:  


Hint: Data Input Values are zeroed after Scorpion restart

If the data values are connected to a data tool - verify that the option

  • Make external changes permanent - Activating this value will make the values persistent

is activated.





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