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 Page Administrator

The Page Administrator manages user defined page tabs in the right pane of the application. The pages are created based on page containers defined by the Scorpion application.

The image below shows the Page adminstration tab

The following operations are available:

- New - creates a new page
- Edit the page setup
- Configure - activates the property page of the page
   Not all page type has a property page
- Copy page
- Paste page from clipboard
- Delete -removes pages

When creating a new page or editing a defined page the following dialog is shown:


  • Name - the name of the page - displayed on the tab
  • Type - the type of page
    • The following types are  supported:
      • Web Browser
      • Data Input
      • Data Logging
      • Image Logging
      • IO
      • Results
      • Custom Page
  • Host - where the page is located in the application
    • Operation
    • Settings
    • Service
    • Service - Advanced
  • Page Index - where in the tab sequence the page is located

CustomPages are populated by .Net Controls, get window handle with GetCustomPage method or Scorpion Plugins.


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