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The CustomPage module gives access to user defined CustomPage pages. The CustomPages are defined by the PageAdministrator.

The CustomPage class

  • GetCustomPage(<name>) - get the named custom page object

Attributes of the CustomPage class

Attribute Access Type Description
name R string the name
userPanel R scrollbox returns the scrollbox for user controls
handle R HANDLE the windows handle of the panel
panel R scrollbox same as userPanel, for backward compatibility

The CustomPagePanel class

  • CustomPageScrollBox(<name>) - get the named custom page scrollbox object

Example 1: Access CustomPage using panel class

..... do some stuff with the handle

Example 2: Create .Net StatusPanel CustomPage using panel class

# Create global instance of custom statuspanel - normally placed in Central.Start
# StatusPanel is a class derived from Tordivel.OverlayPanel .Net Object 
statusPanel = StatusPanel(GetCustomPage('Status').handle)

More information about .Net Controls in Scorpion

Hint: To access CustomPanel1 and 2 together with resultpanel see GetPanel.

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