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The DataInput module gives access to user defined DataInput pages.

The DataInput class

  • GetDataInput(<name>) - get the named data input object

Attributes of the DataInput class

Attribute Access Type Description
name R string the name
handle R HANDLE the windows handle of scrollbox, same as scrollbox.handle
userPanel R scrollbox returns the scrollbox where all user configured controls are placed
bttnPanel R panel returns button panel
captionPanel R panel returns the topmost caption panel
page R string name of DataInput page
groups R Tuple return a tuple of configured groups and parameter names

Methods of the DataInput class

Method Returns Description
apply() bool same as pressing the Apply button
undo() bool same as pressing the Undo button
refresh() bool refresh the data input view
changed() bool updates/recreates parameters/controls after modifications and saves the configurations.
getParameter(group,param) obj returns DataInputParameter given by group and name
getParameterByChild(ctrl) obj returns ctrl's DataInputParameter


The DataInputParameter class

Attributes of the DataInputParameter class.

Attribute Access Type Description
name R string the user defined name
caption R/W string the user defined caption
group R string the parameter group name
dataInput R obj the parameter DataInput instance
parameterType R int 0=scalar/text,1=option,2=list,3=decoration,4=memo,5=line,6=spacer,7=custom,8=enum
parameter R/W string applies to parameterType 0,1 and 3 only
optParameter R/W string applies to parameterType 0 only
browserClass R string kind of browser attached to browse button
value R/W float current value
valueAsText R/W string textual representation of value
measurementUnit R string not used
indent R/W int no of indentations
spinInc R/W string the spin control increment if configured, numeric or link as string
spinMin R/W string the spin control min value if configured, numeric or link as string
spinMax R/W string the spin control max value if configured, numeric or link as string
height R/W int height of visual control. Applies to
flags R int bit0=ReadOnly,bit1=Immediate,bit2=browser,bit3=RightJustify,bit4=Optional, bit5=spinControl
config R/W string the parameter configuration
control R control the attached GUI control

Methods of the DataInput class

Method Returns Description
getControl(name) control returns a contained control in custom controls. To browse the contained controls, use the control.controls, as "print param.control.controls"

The control property normally holds a single control, as a Edit for scale/text parameters, or a SwitchBox for an option parameter, but for custom controls the control mey be a container for multiple controls, as a StatePanel or a IndicatorPanel.

Example 1: Refresh DataInput panel

# update values used by a data input view 
SetValue('Config.Threshold',12)               #set new threshold in ExternalData tool
SetValue('Config.MaxLevel',3)                 #set new level in ExternalData tool
GetDataInput('Configuration').refresh())      #refresh the datainput view to reflect changes

Example 2: Accessing an Indicator Panel

Step 1 - in PageAdmin - insert a DataInput named "Status"
Step 1 - in the DataInput "Status", insert a group "G1" by "New group"
Step 2 - in the group "G1", insert a "IP" by "New Parameter"
Step 3 - run the below Central script 
def SetupIndicatorPanel():
  di=GetDataInput('Status")			#returns the DataInput object
  param=di.getParam('G1','IP')		#returns the parameter object holding the indicator panel
  ipm=param.getControl('IndicatorPanel')	#returns the contained indicator panel object
  ipm.getIndicatorPanel(0,2).state=2		#fail




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