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The Panel class is derived from the WinControl class.

access function: GetPanel(name)

The panel class is the base class for any panel in Scorpion. The panel can be

  • A panel in the IndicatorPanel matrix
  • The Result panel or one of its Tagvalue panels.
  • Custom Panel - left hand side of the GUI
  • Image View Panel - optional panel included in the Image View

Attributes of the Panel class

Attribute Access Type Description
caption R/W string the caption
color R/W string the background color, 'red', 'blue', '0xffffff'
alignment R/W int 0=Left, 1=Right, 2=Center
bevelInner R/W int 0=none, 1=lowered, 2=raised, 3=space
bevelOuter R/W int as bevelInner
bevelWidth R/W int width of bevel
borderStyle R/W int 0=none, 1=single, 2=dialog, 3=sizeable, 4=ToolWindow, 5=sizeable ToolWindow
borderWidth R/W int width of the border
font R Font the font object for accessing the panels font attributes
onResize W callback called when control resizes
onClick W callback called when user clicks the control

The CaptionPanel class is specialized Panel class similar to caption panes used in misc Scorpion GUI elements.

Example 1: Changing Caption and Color of the ResultPanel


More information: ResultPanel

Example 2: Modify the Font of a Panel


Example 3: Customizing the CustomPanel1

#The Custom Panel must be set visible in the PanelAdmin under Service/General/Panels

panel.bevelInner=1      #frame the panel
panel.handle            # used to connect
.Net OverlayPanel object


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