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The Panels are used to customize Scorpion to fit any need. Panels tab is used to manage the panels and the corresponding plugins and controls.

The image below shows the position of the different panels

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Result Panels

The Result Panels settings are a list of optional panels that can be placed in containers in the application. The toolbar defines the following operations

  • - Show / Hide - toggle visibility of panel
  • - Height - set  panel height
  • - Configure - activates the Plugin Administrator
  • - selection up
  • - selection down
  • - Copy element
  • - Paste element from clipboard

By default the following panels are active:

  • Indicator panel - if selected, the indicator panel is shown at the lower left side of the screen. The panel indicates which error that has occurred if a unit is rejected.
  • Result panel - if selected, the result panel is shown at the lower left side of the screen. Here you see the result of a classification.

  • Plugin panel 1 and 2 are defined under Advanced - Central - Plugins.
    • These are used for ActiveX plugin purposes

Note: When an ActiveX control is present, the control is visible when Scorpion Starts.

Scorpion Plugins

With Scorpion Vision Software 9.0 or later the Scorpion Plugins can be embedded into Custom Page or Custom Panels.

Activate the right-click mouse menu and select Configure to activate the Plugin Manager

The following commands are available in the toolbar and on the right click menu:

  • - Add - add Scorpion Plugins
    • The plugins are located in the Plugins profile directory
    • Each plugin is located in a folder with the plugin name
    • Open the folder and select the <plugin name>.py file
  • - Delete - removes a plugin
  • - Selection up
  • - Selection down
  • - Copy plugin
  • - Paste plugin from clipboard
  • - Properties activates the selected plugins property dialog
  • - Reload plugin

Other menu items are

  • Edit - open the plugin .py file in an editor
  • Browse - open the plugin directory

The Result2DPanel property dialog

The dialog below shows a sample property dialog

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