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The Resultpanel module provides access to the Scorpion Result panel User Interface. This module contains classes for accessing the main result panel and the parameter values.
The Resultpanel class

Use the function

  • GetResultPanel()

to retrieve an instance of the class.

Properties of the Resultpanel class:

Attribute Access Type Description
name R string the internal name of the Resultpanel
handle R int the window handle (HWND) of the ResultPanel
visible R/W 0/1 visibility of the Resultpanel
caption R/W string the Result
showCaption R/W 0/1 show or hide the caption of the Resultpanel
height R/W int height of panel
color R/W string the background color of the panel
font R Font the font object for accessing the Resultpanel font attributes. Note that each parameter has individual font properties and is not affected by this font settings. See the font class for additional information
parameters R/W int no of parameters to show
color R/W string the panel color, 'red','blue', '0xffffff'
manualUpdate R/W 0/1 toggles default update on/off after inspection 

Methods of the Resultpanel class:

Method Returns Description
getParameterPanel(index) Parameterpanel returns a Parameterpanel object given by zero indexed value
update() bool updates values
reset() bool resets result and values

The Parameterpanel class

This class is derived from the panel class and has some additional properties. 

Attributes of the Parameterpanel class

Attribute Access Type Description
parameter R/W string the name of the parameter in the tagdatabase used for automatic updata of the value field. This property may be left blank and the value may be set by the value property instead
unit R/W string unit of value
value R/W string the value field as string representation
font R Font the Parameterpanel font property

Example 1: Modify Resultpanel

#the belove script manipulates the Resultpanel
rp.caption='DEMO FROM PYTHON'
for i in range(rp.parameters):

Example 2: Retrieve Windows handle, hwnd - from ResultPanel

hwnd = GetResultPanel().handle  # provide low level access to Scorpion windows

More information about .Net Controls in Scorpion

Hint: To access CustomPanel1 and 2 together with resultpanel see GetPanel.


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