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The Scorpion IO Modules is new in Scorpion Version X.I.

The status panel at the top of the IO system displays:

  • The ON / OFF button
  • Counters
  • IO Image

The ON/OF Button has the following right mous click menu

The user can reset counter and link the ON / OFF button to a dynamic guard in the tag database.

The IO system is added to the Scorpion by adding a page from the Page Adminstrator.

IO System Architecture

The IO System is designed to have the following properties and features:

  • Significantly reduce the cost of implementing IO systems using Scorpion Vision Software
    • Eliminate the need for any scripting connecting IO
  • To handle multiple IO devices
  • To provide a means to simulate IO without connecting the actual IO device
  • Ability move / change IO signals easily between io-devices
  • Make it easy to add support for io-devices
  • Be a high performance IO system
  • Have a log to monitor the events and changes.

The system is well connected with the Scorpion Vision Software event system. The following units is included:

  • Signals - defined by Module, Signal and its Value
  • Module - defined by Name, Driver and Poll rate
  • Events - an event is connected to a Signal transition and has an user defined action

The screen below shows the three main elements of the system

  • Status Panel
  • Signals list
    • displays the name, module, connection, value and error code
  • Eventlog
    • state - alarm, warning, information level
    • Time
    • Sender or Module
    • Event description

Scorpion Vision Version XII : Build 646 - Date: 20170225
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