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Data Logging

Data logging is a powerful subsystem in Scorpion where measure data can be logged only by configuration.

The sub-system has the following properties:

  • Storing files with a dynamic filename and directory path
  • Automatic deletion of files older than N days
  • Storage paths defined by tagname - Batch / Day / Month

The system is enabled and disabled by the oser or connected to a dynamic value in the tagdatabase.

The following commands are available:

- Add parameters from tag database
- Configure - change parameter link
- Selection up
- Selection down

- Delete parameter
- Configure - activate Data Logging Setup
- Help - activate this page

Data Logging Setup Dialog

The data logging has the following properties:

  • Base folder
  • Can create and mange dynamic subfolders
  • Dynamic or static files name reflecting the state of the system
  • Multiple extensions and field separators

Logging can optionally be connected to the system classification States of Scorpion.

Parameter selection dialog
activated by Add parameter


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