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Returns the configuration value of a tool.




val = GetConfigValue('Scalar.IntialValue');


This command is rather slow - takes 5 to 10 ms on a standard PC.

The configuration name is found pressing Show SPB to activate the SPBEditor from Service.Advanced.General tab. In the Tools section all the tool configuration sections is found. A typical tool SPB for tool type ExternalScalar looks like:

<SPB name="Parameters">

<SPB name="AnalyzeTime">

<NTP_BOOL name="LogParameter" value="false"/>
<NTP_INT name="Precision" value="1"/>
<NTP_TXT name="MeasurementUnit" value="ms"/>


<SPB name="Status">

<NTP_BOOL name="LogParameter" value="false"/>
<NTP_INT name="Precision" value="0"/>
<NTP_TXT name="MeasurementUnit" value=""/>


<SPB name="Value">

<NTP_BOOL name="LogParameter" value="false"/>
<NTP_INT name="Precision" value="2"/>
<NTP_TXT name="MeasurementUnit" value="mm"/>



<NTP_BOOL name="Active" value="true"/>
<NTP_BOOL name="InitValueOnReset" value="false"/>
<NTP_BOOL name="Persistant" value="true"/>
<NTP_FP name="InitialValue" value="1.000000"/>
<NTP_INT name="ImageIndex" value="0"/>
<NTP_TXT name="Description" value=""/>
<NTP_TXT name="Guard" value="&lt;None&gt;"/>
<NTP_TXT name="Name" value="Distance Cannot Measure"/>
<NTP_TXT name="Reference" value="&lt;None&gt;"/>
<NTP_TXT name="Tool" value="TExternalScalar"/>


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