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The command sets the configuration value of a tool. 




x = GetConfigValue('Edge0.Center.X')
y = GetConfigValue('Edge0.Center.Y')

SetConfigValue('Edge0.Center.X',x+2,0)   #set value without reloading tool
SetConfigValue('Edge0.Center.Y',y+4)      #set value and update tool


This command is rather slow - takes 5 to 10 ms on a standard PC. The optional reload parameter may be used if more than one parameter is to be set in the same tool, as the above example. When the reload parameter is set the actual tool reloads complete comfiguration and is needed for the last set operation.

The configuration name is found pressing Show SPB to activate the SPBEditor from Service.Advanced.General tab. In the Tools section all the tool configuration sections is found. A typical tool SPB for tool type ExternalScalar looks like:

<SPB name="Parameters">

<SPB name="AnalyzeTime">

<NTP_BOOL name="LogParameter" value="false"/>
<NTP_INT name="Precision" value="1"/>
<NTP_TXT name="MeasurementUnit" value="ms"/>


<SPB name="Status">

<NTP_BOOL name="LogParameter" value="false"/>
<NTP_INT name="Precision" value="0"/>
<NTP_TXT name="MeasurementUnit" value=""/>


<SPB name="Value">

<NTP_BOOL name="LogParameter" value="false"/>
<NTP_INT name="Precision" value="2"/>
<NTP_TXT name="MeasurementUnit" value="mm"/>



<NTP_BOOL name="Active" value="true"/>
<NTP_BOOL name="InitValueOnReset" value="false"/>
<NTP_BOOL name="Persistant" value="true"/>
<NTP_FP name="InitialValue" value="1.000000"/>
<NTP_INT name="ImageIndex" value="0"/>
<NTP_TXT name="Description" value=""/>
<NTP_TXT name="Guard" value="&lt;None&gt;"/>
<NTP_TXT name="Name" value="Distance Cannot Measure"/>
<NTP_TXT name="Reference" value="&lt;None&gt;"/>
<NTP_TXT name="Tool" value="TExternalScalar"/>


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