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Scorpion Vision Software® - Support Applications

The following applications are available for download:

Scorpion VisionX and ImageX

Install Scorpion VisionX 8.1 -

Note: It's recommended to read the Scorpion VisionX Tutorial.

A Scorpion Vision Software ActiveX. Used for OEM solutions and applications.

Scorpion Watchdog - Resuscitator for NT

A program which controls start up and shut down of programs, and watches the programs running on your computer.

Scorpion Router - TDVCmdProtocol

This program packet contains:

  • TDVCmdRouter
  • Test programs
    • RS232TDVCmdProtocol 
    • IMTDVCmdProtocol

Scorpion Display - TDVResultPanel

TDVResultPanel is a program that can show results from Scorpion Vision Software®. Setup of TDVResultPanel is simple and without programming. The communication between Scorpion and TDVResultPanel is trough tcp/ip, so the results can be displayd on any networked computer.

Scorpion Coordinator - TDVCentral

This is a Scorpion without the image processing module. It is designed to collect, process and distribute data fra robots, PLSs and network of Scorpion application. In a complex vision system Scorpion Coordinator is the communication hub.

Scorpion Web Utilities - TDVUtilities

These are small components mainly used in web pages.

Scorpion OPC - An OPCClientX

Scorpion Plugin providing seamless access to OPC servers.

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