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Scorpion Vision Software® - Drivers

The latest camera drivers and information about Scorpion Camera drivers are available at

From Scorpion Vision Version X.I the most used 32 and 64 bit drivers are included in the Scorpion Vision Installer.

The following drivers are kept for legacy purposes - to get the latest version it is recommended to check with vendors.

Unibrain - www.unibrain.com

  • Fire-i 1.21 OHCI Stack - 566 kByte

    • This is the version recommended to use with Scorpion. 

    • If a Unibrain driver stops after 30 minutes - a licence key / dongle is missing

  • Fire-i 2.5 OHCI Stack

    • The version require a licence dongle to be purchased from Unibrain

    • Is available on the Scorpion CD

  • Fire-i 3.03 OHCI Stack - 15 MByte

    • This version is recommended using Unibrain Camera with Scorpion 3.0

    • The version require a product-key to run more than 30 minutes

Imaging Source - www.imagingsource.com

  • These drivers are used to run the Imaging Source cameras:

    • DMK 21F04, DBK 21F04, DFK 21F04

    • DFK 31F03, DFK 41F04

  • New driver for XP - ServicePack2

Baumer Optronic - http://www.baumeroptronic.com

Basler Vision - http://www.baslervision.com

  • BCAM - 45 KByte

    • Includes scorpion drivers for BCAM 1.5 and 1.6

    • BCAM is purchased and provided directly from Basler Vision


  • QuickCam 5.50

    • This drivers is recommended on Windows 2000 computer when you do not get Logitech WebCameras to run

    • It contains a WDM-driver compatible with Scorpion.

    • On Windows XP normally a wdm-driver is automatically installed

Microsoft - DirectX Homepage

  • DirectX 8.1b

    • DirectX 8.1 is required to run Scorpion

    • Normally this drivers is already installed on XP computers. Running Windows 2000 it is recommed to install this version of DirectX to run Scorpion on a computer

    • There is a new version 9.0 - Scorpion is tested and compatible with this version.

    • Readme.htm

Motoman Robots

  • MotoCom.zip - 155 kByte

    • Four files required for rs-232 communication

      • The files shall be copied to the system32 directory

    • Installation program for Sentinel dongle - keylock.zip

Axis - Network Camera - www.axis.com


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