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Image Processing with arrlib
Arrlib is the image processing library which provides the foundation of the tools in the Scorpion Toolbox. The python module arrlib provides low level python access to all the Arrlib functions and data structures. For backward compatibility the old modules arr and geom are also supported. (For differences, see the section below.)

arrlib encapsulates Arrlib data and functions. It supports large vectors and matrices made up from these element types:

  • integers (signed, unsigned - various sizes)
  • floats (float or double)
  • 2- 3- 4- or 5-element "small vectors" with element names X, Y, Z, W and V
  • 2x2, 3x3, 3x4 and 4x4 "small matrices" with element names m11, m12 and so forth
  • 2- and 3-dimensional lines, boxes and circles
  • colour pixels (RGB and HSI elements in integer or float versions)


  • im = arrlib.uint8Mat(480,640) - 480 by 640 greyscale image
  • plg = arrlib.xyfVec(100) - 100-element polygon of 2-dimensional points
  • grid = arrlib.xyfMat(32,32) - 32x32 matrix of 2-dimensional points. Useful e.g. as a resampling grid. See examples.

Small vectors or matrices are available as singletons. These can be used as operands in various methods and operations involving scalars, other singletons, arrlib matrices and vectors, and Arrlib functions.


  • m = arrlib.m33f() - 3x3 float matrix
  • l = arrlib.lin2f() - 2-dimensional line

Import statements

To use Arrlib, simply use

import arrlib


from arrlib import *

The older modules are called arr and geom, respectively. So for backward compatibility

import arr
import geom


from arr import *
from geom import *

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