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Python Home
Python is the glue making Scorpion extremely flexible and turns it into a development platform.

Scorpion Python Scripting Resources

More on Python Scripting in the www.python.org and in the following sections of Scorpion Online Help:

Python Scorpion Extentions

To enjoy the benefits of Python it can be recommended to extend the Scorpion Vision Software tool with the following modules and extensions. Everything is available on the Scorpion Vision Software CD or from the link below:

Note: From Scorpion Vision Software 9.0 all extensions is managed from the Scorpion Vision Installer.

Using Numpy with Scorpion Vision Software

Read more about Numpy ...

Using OpenCV with Scorpion Vision Software

Read more about OpenCV...

Other Python Resources

Python for Delphi is the basis for Scorpion Python Framework
  • Python for Delphi is supported and developed by Morgan Martinet
    • Scorpion is mainly written in Borland Delphi and we have based our extensive Python on Python for Delphi
    • Python for Delphi requires a Python installation

  • PyScripter is a very nice development for Python and .Net based on Python for Delphi
    • Copy the CLR.dll/Python.RunTime.dll to the PyScripter.exe directory to things running

    • Hello Example to test .Net

Dive into Python - Learning Python by Mark Pilgrim

Python Wiki- Books

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