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User's Guide

Scorpion Vision Software® is a comprehensive non-programming software for configuration and operation of vision systems. Scorpion is targeting tasks as identification, sorting, robot guiding, assembly verification and quality control. It’s designed to secure the quality of a production process. Scorpion is as easy to use as a vision-sensor still having the flexibility and power of a real vision-pc solution. The system is founded on top of a standard Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8 PC platform.

Scorpion can identify units based on criteria like dimension, form, gray scale, color, text and code. Quality control can be based on dimension, surface, flaw, assembly etc. Scorpion can also be used in factory automation to identify parts, sorting, robot guiding and automatic program selection. To monitor the inspection result and the production process, Scorpion offers statistics and detailed result information.

Scorpion offers the end-user a feature rich and functional graphical user interface with image display, result panels, image history list, real time trends, alarm management, event log, quality alarms, remote control, user configurable logging and rich configuration profiles. The flexible and configurable communication line interface allows managing of control signals and data exposure through Profibus-DP, digital and analogue I/O, rs-232 and TCP/IP. The text based communication protocol, TdvCmdProtocol, is the kernel of the communication.

Scorpion contains an extensible set of configuration tools. They are categorized in Basis, Data, Geometry, Edge finders and Advanced tools. Combining these tools, Scorpion targets both the simple and the advanced inspection tasks. The tools performs the following functions:

  • Pattern Matching
  • Blob Analysis
  • Morphology
  • Metrology
  • Calibration
  • Color Identification
  • Shape Sorting
  • OCR & OCV
  • 1D Bar Code & Data Code Reading
  • Polygon Matching with sub-pixel accuracy
  • 3D Stereo Vision
  • 3D Point Cloud Processing

Scorpion can simultaneously serve and communicate with multiple independent units like PLCs, robots and production lines. Additionally Scorpion supports on-the-fly reconfiguring to handle different product variants within one single production line.

A broad range of camera configurations are supported, including color cameras.

A unique feature within Scorpion is the possibility to perform a complete offline system verification automatically or interactively using the integrated image history list or captured image data.

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Scorpion Vision Version XV  : Build 757 - Date: 20190817
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