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The image analysis in Scorpion is performed by a toolbox of user configurable tools. You find a rich variety of more than 160 tools in Scorpion. These are image analysis and processing tools in addition to mathematical, scripting, data and classification tools.

They are grouped in the following categories:

  • Basic - form the basis of the toolbox together with the data tools
  • Data - data structures
  • Edge - locate edges with the edge tools
  • Geometry - a set of basic geometry tools
  • Reference - reference system is important in vision systems
  • Advanced - a large set of advanced pattern matchers, edge finders and polygon region of interest area tools
  • 3D - a collection of 3D Vision tools
  • Legacy - outdated tools
  • Beta - tools that are complete but under field testing
  • Alpha - tools under development

The tools range from very simple to a more or less complete application. They can be combined to solve very complicated tasks.  

The toolbox consists of an ordered sequence of tools with a name connected to an image and an 
optional reference system. Toolbox description is found in the User Guide section.  

The icon definitions are as follows:

Not run   Ok    Blocked by guard or reference    Error or No result 
Not active    - No licence     - Manual Execution - embedded python scripts

An image analysis tool is used to make a calculation. When configuring a vision system, you decide which tools to use and set their parameter values. The parameters define the tool set-up and are typically coordinates, search areas (ROI - Region Of Interest), reference points, min/max values, etc.

When run, a tool generates a result given as one or more values in addition to a set of graphical elements for visualisation. The measuring result is used to define the measured object's state or status, which again decides if an action is to be taken.  The visualisation elements are used to illustrate the Scorpion measurements in the camera image. Each element is given a colour.

In addition to the image analysis tools, there are other tools used to further process the results. Two tools of importance are the logical and Python tools. The logic tool classifies results from a set of image analysis tools.

Follow the link to see the most important terms used in the tool descriptions.

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