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STC-0023-FindCirclesInGrid | Release Notes


Scorpion Angles
Scorpion Angles is an application you can use to investigate rotations in 3D.

The application has a number of edit fields where you can input numbers and a 3D visualization area where axes are displayed, showing the current rotations.

There are four main areas where numbers are given. When setting numbers in one of the areas, all the other areas are updated to show the equivalent rotations.

  • Euler angles
    • Edit fields for rotations around the X, Y and Z axes (in degrees)
    • Order of rotation: X, Y and Z, or Z, Y and X
    • Sliders for the three angles (when used, you do not need to press Set)
    • Clr - to zero all input
    • Set - to accept manually input numbers
  • Quaternion
    • Edit fields for the four values of a Quaternion: Real, I, J and K
    • Norm - to normalize the Quaternion to have length 1
    • Set - to accept manually input numbers
  • Axis + angle
    • Edit fields for the rotation (in degrees) and the rotation axis
    • Norm - to normalize the axis to have length 1
    • Set - to accept manually input numbers
    • View rotation axis - show the rotation axis in the 3D view
  • Rotation matrix
    • Nine edit fields for the matrix values (note: this matrix may seem transposed; this is just a convention in Scorpion)
    • Norm - attempts to make the matrix a true rotation matrix
    • Set - to accept manually input numbers


Scorpion Vision Version XII : Build 646 - Date: 20170225
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