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Getting started

Scorpion Vision Software® is distributed on a CD-ROM with the following contents

  • Scorpion Vision Software
  • System requirements
  • Scorpion setup program
  • Demonstration profiles
  • Camera drivers
  • Documentation
  • Support programs

Installation and start up

  1. Turn on your computer. Insert the Scorpion Vision Software CD-ROM disc into your CD-ROM drive. A window like the one below appears.

  1. Select Installation to start the installation process.  Follow the instructions and the Scorpion Installer as shown below starts.

  • Press the Next button and follow the instructions coming up. During the installation process you will get information about all components and updates you need to run this version of Scorpion. And asked to install them. 

  • Press the License button to view information about your license. From the License window you can also request a demo license.  Read more about licensing here.

  • To learn about Scorpion, download the Demo profiles from the Installer. We highly recommend you to install and go through these demos. Data sheet, user documentation and links to Scorpion online resources are also available in the Installer.

  • Scorpion Vision Version XV  : Build 757 - Date: 20190817
    Scorpion Vision Software® is a registered trademark of Tordivel AS.
    Copyright © 2000 - 2019 Tordivel AS.