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Scorpion Vision Software is licensed software. A license is related to the computer's network card address.

There are different types of licenses:

  • Demo license - can be run in a limited period of time for evaluation purposes - 30 days
    • Will terminate automatic mode after 30 minutes and requires an application restart after 4 hours
  • Maintenance license - used for offline profile maintenance - work on images stored on file
  • Full license - is related to one or more cameras and meant to run in a production environment
  • SDK license - a special development license required to develop profiles for Scorpion VisionX applications

Demo licenses are requested over the Internet here: Demo license and automatically generated.

If your computer does not have a license, Scorpion will at start up ask the user to apply the license code. Below you see the screen image that appears or show license type INVALID in the profile selection dialog.

Write or copy the license in the License field. Then you press the Register button. If the license is accepted, Scorpion will start as normal. The IP-address and MAC-address fields are only for information and are used when requesting a license. Normally the license is related to the computer's network board. The MAC-address uniquely identifies this board. A computer may have several network addresses.

If you have an invalid license this dialog is shown:

Double click at the license area to activate the scorpion license dialog or use the Menu.

Note: If the network card is changed, removed or disabled the scorpion license will stop working

If you want to check which Scorpion license that is installed on your computer, open the About window or activate License from the profile selection dialog. The license dialog contains the following information:

  • Application
    • Name - identifies the name of the license - this is Scorpion when running the Scorpion application
      • Show Info will update the license information when you change the name
    • License - the actual license code for the application
      • when changing the license press Register
  • Information
    • Name - name of license
    • Expiry date - the date when the license expires
    • Licenes type
      • Demo licenses are Universal other licenses are normally MAC - based - connected to the computer's network card address
    • MAC address - the actual MAC address of the license
    • IP- range: the ip address or range of ip addresses for the license

    Note: if the license is not working verify that the MAC address corresponds to actual address on this machine.

  • Addresses on this machine
    • IP-addresses : displays all ip-addresses on this computer
    • MAC addresses : displays all MAC-addresses on this computer

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