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Select Profile

The profile selection dialog is shown when Scorpion is started with no system defined on the command line.

The profile selection dialog is used to

  • Manage Scorpion Profiles
    • can be located in multiple directories
    • normally located under My Documents\Scorpion n.n directory
    • Create new profiles with Wizard
    • Rename or Copy a profile to use an old profile as template
    • Backup or Restore profile from a profile backup zip-file
  • Enter and change Scorpion Licence
  • Activate Scorpion Lens Calculator located at the Scorpion Support Web
  • Open up the TordivelBlog or TordivelBlog YouTube Channel

The toolbar has the following operations:

- Open Profile
- Select profile folder
- Explore profile folder
- Create new profile wizard
- Rename profile
- Create profile shortcut
- Delete profile
- Copy selected profile
- Paste profile to selection
- Paste new profile
- Backup profile
- Restore profil
- Explore profile archive
- Activate licence dialog
- Language selection
- Refresh profile folder
- Help

The following operations are available from the menu:

  • Open - start the selected profile
    • Open w/options provides valuable option when debugging
    • Open - force visible moves an invisible profile to the main screen
  • New profile wizard
  • Copy
    • Copies a Scorpion profile directory to another directory
  • Paste profile - overwrite a profile
  • Paste New - paste profile to create a profile copy
  • Rename - renames the selected profile
  • Delete - deletes a Scorpion profile permanently
  • Shortcut
    • Creates a shortcut to the profile. It is vice to establish a shortcut to each profile if you have more than one profile on your computer. You place the shortcut either on the Desktop, under the Scorpion program group on the Start menu or in the system folder. This makes the start up easy and convenient.








  • Profile Licence - add a profile licence
  • Backup
    • Makes a backup of a Scorpion profile in zip-format
    • All files are backed up up including sub-directories
  • Upgrade - upgrades a profile from a profile template
  • Restore
    • Restores a profile from a given directory, opens a folder for browsing
  • Profiles 
    • Selects the profile folder using the profile selection dialog
  • Explore - explore the profile folder
  • Refresh
    • Refreshes the profile selection dialog if there has been changes
  • Archive - selects the Archive folder
  • Explore - explore the Archive folder
    • Opens the Windows Explorer
  • License
  • Large Icons
    • Toggles the list view
  • Show buttons - select the Metro look - default
    • Activate Show Buttons will enable old Scorpion look
    • Hide buttons will activate Scorpion Metro look on the computer
  • Help
    • Activates the help window

Starting a profile

A Scorpion profile can be started from the command-line - see shortcut - or by selecting a profile in the profile selection dialog. When Scorpion starts a warning is issue when

  • A profile is started when version prior to has save the profile
  • When Scorpion cannot 100% reliable convert an profile to a new version with the following options
    • Yes - will make a backup of the unmodified profile before starting Scorpion
    • No - will start Scorpion and the profile will be modified by Scorpion when saving the profile or terminating Scorpion
    • Abort - will abort executing of the profile


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