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Shortcut at start up

A Scorpion system has the following command line parameters:

Scorpion  System=<path> delay=<secs>

If no path is given, Scorpion uses the .\Default path. The path normally points to a Scorpion profile – a system.


It is vise to establish a shortcut to each profile if you have more than one profile on your computer. A shortcut setup is shown above. You make a shortcut by opening the Windows Explorer and navigate to Scorpion.exe.  You normally find this file on the path ..\program files\tordivel as\scorpion…  Select the Scorpion.exe file, press the right mouse button and choose Create shortcut. In the shortcut properties you change the Target to System=.\<path to profile>. If you also want to delay profile start additionally add delay=<number of seconds>


Example: ”C:\Program files\TORDIVEL AS\Scorpion\Scorpion.exe” System=.\Label delay=5


You will in this example start the Label profile that is placed on a sub folder.


You place the shortcut on the Desktop or under the Scorpion program group. Name the shortcut ’Scorpion - Label’, then you can easily see which system that starts.


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