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Starting the Inspection

To start an inspection do as follows:

You must first start Scorpion with the correct profile

  1. Go to the Windows Start menu
  2. Select Start - Programs - Tordivel Vision Solutions - Scorpion. A profile selection dialog is shown.
  3. Select the wanted profile and press OK. Scorpion starts.

Scorpion is ready to start the inspection

  • Press the Start main button and Scorpion is running.

  • Press the Stop button to stop Scorpion

For every new image an inspection is automatically executed. The image can either be triggered from an internal scheduler or an external system.

  • Start - starts automatic inspections
  • Stop - terminates automatic inspections
  • Setup - will activate/close Service / Settings configuration modes
  • Save - saves the profile
  • Inspect - perform an Inspection
  • Help - activates Scorpion Help
  • Close - terminates the Scorpion application

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