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Working in Toolbox

The image analysis in Scorpion is performed by a toolbox of user configurable tools. You find a rich variety of tools in Scorpion. These are image-processing tools in addition to mathematical and logical tools. They are grouped in six categories: Basic, Data, Geometry, Reference system, Edge and Advanced tools.  The tools are rather simple, but put together they solve very complicate tasks.

The toolbox consists of an ordered sequence of tools with a name connected to an image and an 
optional reference system  

The icon definition is as follows:

Not run   Ok    Blocked by guard or reference    Error or No result 
Not active    - No license    - Manual Execution - embedded python scripts

An image analysing tool is used to make a calculation. When configuring a vision system, you decide which tools to use and set their parameter values. The parameters define the tool setup and are typically coordinates, search areas (ROI - Region Of Interest), reference points, min/max values, etc.

When run, a tool generates a result given as one or more values in addition to a set of graphical elements for visualisation. The measuring result is used to define the measured objects state or status, which again decides if an action, is to be taken.  The visualisation elements are used to illustrate the Scorpion measurement in the camera image. Each element is given a colour.

Additionally to the image analyses tools, there are other tools used to further process the analyses results. Two tools of importance are the logical and Python tools. The Logic tool classifies results from a set of image analyses tools.

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