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Saving Images

Scorpion has a number of ways to store images. The most important ways are:

  • From the toolbar - Image Button
  • From the Image History List - Save or Save All
  • From the Image Menu - save with or without overlay graphics

Image simulation plays a very important role in offline verification.

Save Image - Toolbar

  1. Press the Image button in the toolbar: activates the Save Image dialog

  1. In the Folder "e:\MK-01-01 images" the following files are stored, assuming two active images, with the following files names:
    • Image 1 : 0001_OK_0.bmp
    • Image 2 : 0001_OK_1.bmp

    Note: You can choose between BMP and JPG format.

Saving the Image History List

  1. Activate the History List menu - select the Save or Save All command

  1. In the Folder "C:\images\20050217_105835" the following files are stored, assuming two active images, with the following file names:
    • 0001_OK_0.bmp
    • 0001_OK_1.bmp
    • 0002_OK_0.bmp
    • 0002_OK_1.bmp

Note: All images are store with an image sequence number prefix and an image index postfix.

Save Image - Image Menu

  1. Select either Save shown image with graphics or Save shown image without graphics from the menu.  Select a folder to place the images from the window coming up.

Note: Only images saved with the command Save shown image without graphics can be used for image processing.

Using images - Camera Simulation

  1. Go to Service - Camera

  2. Select Simulate in the Image settings panel

  1. Double click or select the image in the Image settings list and press Edit.

  2. Set the image path to the folder defined above.

  1. Press OK and you are ready to start Scorpion in simulation mode.
  2. Open the Service - Scheduler tab and set the image trigger (the speed).
  3. Click on Start and an image will appear in the speed defined by the Scheduler.

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