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Scorpion Components

Scorpion Vision Software has an open architecture that allows standard ActiveX and .Net plugins to extends the application.

The following types of  components are available:

Scorpion VisionX
SPP - Scorpion Python Plugins
TDV Utilities

Scorpion VisionX is the runtime version of Scorpion Vision Software it enables 2D and 3D machine vision to be embedded in any windows application. Scorpion Plugins is a new concept coming with Scorpion Vision Software 9.0 where it is easy to embed and reuse components based on a lightweight Python framework. These components will make it a lot easier to customize the look of Scorpion Vision Software. Motoman is an interface to to Motoman Robots - this is used in Robot Vision Applications. TDV Utilities is a set of ActiveX distributed with Scorpion Vision Software.

The pictures shows Scorpion extended the following .Net Plug-ins:

  • Logo .Net Plugin
    • Shows Tordivel Logo
  • Custom .Net Main Panel
    • Batch Id based logging
    • Statistics

Scorpion Plugins



Scorpion Vision Version XV  : Build 757 - Date: 20190817
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