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Built-in Python Classes
The Scorpion Python Classes are used to provide access to objects in the Scorpion application framework. They are part of the Scorpion Python Script Kernel
  • The Draw module provides basic draw functions to the Python Script tool in the toolbox.
  • The Overlay module provides low level access to the Scorpion image object.
  • The Tool module provides the Tool and ToolList classes making it possible to flexible run Scorpion tools from Python.
  • The SPB module provides access to the Scorpion XML based configuration database, often needed when using the Tool class.
  • The IndicatorPanel and Resultpanel modules provide access to the standard result panels in Scorpion.
  • The Historylist module provides access to the image, Imagelist and Imagebuffer classes in Scorpion.
  • The Statistics module provides access to the statistics in Scorpion
  • The Log module provides access to the logging in Scorpion
  • The States module provides access to the states in Scorpion
  • The Camera and the CameraCalibration modules provide access to cameras in Scorpion.
  • The CameraImage module provides access to the configured images (attached to cameras)
  • The ImageView module gives access to the left pane image view
  • The Timer module enables the user to create and maintain custom timers, an option to the built in scheduler
  • The DataInput module gives access to the user defined data input pages
  • The CustomPage module gives access to the user defined custom pages
  • The Clipboard gives easy access to the Windows clipboard (also available in other standard Python modules)
  • The StdCtrls module is supplemental classes for accessing standard windows controls and fonts.
  • The Curve module gives accesss to Curve controls and dialogs
  • Python Image Processing is available from the Image Processing Module.
  • The ScorpionGeometry 2D geometry library
  • BarcodeReader - read 1D and 2D Barcodes
  • Shared Memory - image transfer using shared memory.

Methods in built-in Scorpion Module.

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