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Release Notes



Use the GetLog(name) to get the access to the Scorpion logging unit

The Stateistics object:

Attribute Access Type Description
open R bool current open/close state
logFile R string name of current logfile (or previous when closed)
autoFolder R/W bool the autofolder flag
autoFilename R/W bool  the auto filename flag
folder R/W string current folder configuration
subFolder R/W string current subFolder configuration
statFilename R/W string current static filename configuration
dynFilename R/W string current dynamic filename configuration
parameters R/W tuple a tuple of all configured logging parameters


Method Returns Description
open() bool returns True/False due to success
close() bool returns True/False due to success

Example 1, print log setup

def PrintLogSetup():
  print log
  print log.logFile
  print log.autoFolder
  print log.autoFilename
  print log.folder
  print log.subFolder
  print log.statFilename
  print log.dynFilename
  print log.parameters

Scorpion Vision Version XII : Build 665 - Date: 20170919
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