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CameraCalibration | Release Notes


The Camera class

Use the function GetCamera(name) to retrieve an instance of the class.
The name may be replaced by the camera index as string, cam=GetCamera('0') 

Attribute Access Type Description
name R/W string the name of the camera - name change trigger a close and open
index R int index of camera [0..>
grabber R int assigned grabberno [0..>
port R int assigned portno [0..>
driver R/W string the cameradriver for this camera
width R int width of image
height R int height of image
open R/W 0/1 0=closed, 1=open
hwtrigger R/W 0/1 0=off, 1=on
calibrated R 0/1 0=uncalibrated 1=calibrated
pitch R (x,y,unit) returns pitch tuple (float,float,string)
errorColor R/W byte pixelvalue of error images
errorFile R/W string filename of error images
timeoutDelay R/W int timeout period in ms
timeoutColor R/W byte pixelvalue of timeout images
timeoutFile R/W string filename of timeout images
fifoColor R/W byte pixelvalue of fifo images. Note! flush() must be called after changed
fifoFile R/W string filename of fifo images.  Note! flush() must be called after changed
grabDuration R int statistics - duration of last grab command in micro seconds
minDuration R int statistics - min grabDuration since reset
maxDuration R int statistics - max grabDuration since reset
openCnt R int statistics - no of times camera has been opened
imageCnt R int statistics - no of images since reset
timeoutCnt R int statistics - no of image timeouts since reset
grabErrCnt R int statistics - no of errors since reset
delayCnt R int statistics - no of delayed images since reset
maxBuffered R int statistics - max no if images buffered
maxDMA R int statistics - max duration of retrieving image from cameradriver


Method Returns Description
getPropertyRange(name) int, int | None returns min and max of the property.
getProperty(name) int | None returns current value of the property.
setProperty(name,value) 0/1 returns 0 on fail, else 1 
flush() bool flushes the camera image fifo
used to resync the system
reset() bool reopens the camera,
can be used to handle image size changes
executeCmd(cmd,params="") 0/1 send a command request to camera.

The "cmd" and "params" are  driver/camera specific, see documentation for actual cameradriver for supported commands.
edit([tabindex]) 0/1 open the camera configuration dialog.

Optional tabindex (string) may be given to show one page only.

Tabindex='0' launches the advanced dialog if supported by camera.
resetStatistics() 0/1 reset statistics

The CameraList class

Use the function GetCameras() to get the list of all defined cameras in Scorpion.

Attribute Access Type Description
count R int number of defined cameras in system
names R tuple return all connected cameranames as tuple
eg ('XCG-V60E-92719444806066', 'XCG-V60E-92719444805454') camera names are important - used to identify the camera and key the configuration
openCount R int number of open cameras in system

count is 0 in simulationMode


Method Returns Description
setOpen(value) 0/1 Open all active cameras in CameraList
value=0 to close, value=1 to open.
Returns 1 if all cameras opened successfully, else 0.
getCamera(index) object | None returns a camera object if index is in range. The index is zero-based.
reset() 0/1 returns 1 for ok, 0 for error.
Note that the reset command can not be called from within the camera error handler.
flush() 0/1 flushes image fifo buffers for all cameras
browse() string returns a string list of cameranames of all currently available cameras

returns "" when no connected camera
configure() bool launches the configuration dialog for all cameras
load(filename)  bool Load CameraList configuration from file
save(filename) bool Save CameraList configuration to file
setDriver(filename) bool Sets Scorpion Camera Driver

eg 'hvgrab.dll" for all cameras

Example 1: Define a Camera Error Handle in Central

def Handle_System_CameraError(CameraNo,Camera):
# CameraNo = VT_I4
# Comment = VT_BSTR
  if cam<>None:
    print 'Camera name:',cam.name

    if cam.open: 
      print cam.name, ' is open'
      print cam.name, ' is closed'

Example 2: Iterate all cameras to get open state

if cameras<>None:
  if cameras.openCount<>n:
    for i in range(n):
    if cam<>None:
      print i,cam.name,cam.open

Example 3: Iterate all cameras to set camera Properties - Shutter and Gain

def SetCameraProperties():

  def setProperyAllCam(prop,val):
    for i in range(cams.count):
      if cam.setProperty(prop,val)==0:
        print 'set',prop,'failed'
      print cam.name, prop, cam.getPropertyRange(prop),cam.getProperty(prop)


Example 4: Toggling continous for all cameras in profile

def ToggleContinous():
  for i in range(cams.count):
    cam.setProperty('continous',not continous)
    print cam.name,getCamera(0).getProperty('continous')


Example 5: Statistics report

def CameraStat(cameraname):
  print 'Camera ',cameraname
  print 'GrabDuration ',cam.grabDuration
  print 'MinDuration ',cam.minDuration
  print 'MaxDuration ',cam.maxDuration
  print 'OpenCnt ',cam.openCnt
  print 'ImageCnt ',cam.imageCnt
  print 'TimeoutCnt ',cam.timeoutCnt
  print 'GrabErrCnt ',cam.grabErrCnt
  print 'DelayCnt ',cam.delayCnt
  print 'MaxBuffered ',cam.maxBuffered
  print 'MaxDMA ',cam.maxDMA

Example 6: Load camera configuration

def LocaCameraConfig():
  import os
  print fname,GetCameras().load(fname)


Scorpion Vision Version XV  : Build 764 - Date: 20200529
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