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Several 3D tools share a common ROI setup:


  • Position X, Y, Z - describes the center of the ROI

  • Angle X, Y, Z - describes how the ROI is rotated



The ROI is a Box (formally, a Cuboid)

  • Size X, Y, Z - the cuboid extent in the three directions

The cuboid is centered at the ROI's origin.



The ROI is a Box (formally, a Cuboid)

  • Length - the length of the cylinder

  • Inner radius - inner radius of ROI extent (if 0, there is no inner limit)

  • Outer radius - outer radius of ROI extent

  • Cylinder sector start - start of sector from the X/Y plane

  • Cylinder sector end - end of sector. If start=0 and end=360, the entire cylinder circumference is used

The cylinder is centered at the ROI's origin, with its center line aligned with the X axis.



The ROI is a Sphere

  • Radius - the sphere radius

The sphere is centered at the ROI's origin.


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