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Copy/Paste ROIs

Most tools in Scorpion have the option to copy or paste the Region Of Interest (ROI) to or from the clipboard. The clipboard is visualised in the image. More on image operations. Several formats are accepted on the clipboard for paste operations. To the right the Search area of Blob1 is shown with the paste and copy ROI buttons to the right.

  • cx,cy,dx,dy - Four numbers separated by commas: these numbers are transferred directly to the Center-X, Center-Y, dX and dY controls. The image shows a rectangular ROI copied to an image
    • Note: only decimal points "." are accepted, not commas ",". Applicable for regular rectangle ROI's only
  • cx,cy - two numbers separated by comma, set center of ROI
  • polygons - Points stored as a Scorpion polygon. This is the format generated by e.g. clicking in the main Scorpion image.
    • Single point: If the polygon contains one point only this is used as the ROI center, where applicable.
    • Two points: Some line detection tools' ROI may also be set by two points, giving center position, length and direction. In addition, a circle may be defined by two points - center position and radius.
    • Four points: The smallest rectangle containing all the points is found and set as the ROI, or, if the tool accepts an angle, a "best fit" angled rectangle is found.
    • Free-form polygons: Polygon-ROI tools (e.g., PolygonMatch, Blob3) keep their ROI as a set of polygons of any size.

For the Copy operation, the polygon format is used. The number of points varies due to kind of tool.

These operations are also available using executeCmd.


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