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TdvCmd format

In TdvCmdProtocol commands, it is possible to substitute text with parameter values by specifying a formatting sequence, '%[len]type', before the parameter name. 

Each formatting sequence may contain a length specification. If length specification is given, the result is left padded with space - or zero if the replaced parameter value contains less characters than the given length.

Multiple parameters MUST be separated by ';' or ','.

Format Padding Description
'0' Integer number format. If the paramter value is not an integer value the resulting string is the truncated integer value, there is no rounding of the value.
'0' Binary number format. The resulting string is the binart representation of the parameter value, a sequence of '0' or '1'.
'0' Hexadecimal number format. The resulting string is the hexadecimal representation of the parameter value, a sequence of '0'..'9', 'A'..'F'.
SPACE Floating point format. The resulting string is the floating point representation of the parameter value. If no length specifier is given the resulting string holds up till 
SPACE Text format. This is used for text parameters.
% SPACE Any number format, the resulting string depends of the numeric inpuit value (floating point or integer)
Fomat Examples:

A.Value = 12.134
B.Value = 11.77
C.Value = 1.0
T.Text   =  'OK'

Format string Resulting string
I=%dA.Value I=12
B=%8bA.Value B=00001100
H=%hA.Value H=C
F=%fA.Value F=12.134
F=%.2fA.Value F=12.13
F=%8.1fA.Value F=    12.1
T=%sResult.Text T=OK
A=%dA.Value;B=%.1fB.Value A=12;B=11.8
X=%.3fB.Value;OK=%dC.Value X=11.770;OK=1
%.3fB.Value,%dC.Value 11.770,1

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