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Scorpion WatchDog - Resuscitator
Scorpion Watchdog - Resuscitator  keeps your applications alive and increases the availability of your servers, thus saving you time and money.
Scorpion Watchdog - Resuscitator is a collection of applications and components designed to help the user with flexible application management on standalone Windows  computers. Have you ever felt uncertain of the status of your applications? Scorpion Watchdog guarantees that your services are available 24 hours a day.

The program watch feature restarts any application in 5 seconds. You can restart your computer over tcp/ip using the Remote Client program. In fact you can interactively restart any controlled application from your desktop with this feature!

The built in Program Scheduler runs e.g. automatically scheduled backup every morning at five or restarts your computers / servers every week. Thus increasing the system availability to levels you did not believe possible. Managing startup and shutdown sequences can be tricky on windows computers - Resuscitator does this for you strict and controlled. By inspecting the built-in event-log with detailed information, Resuscitator  helps you understand what is happening on your servers/computers.If working in a multiple screen setup, Resuscitator can keep an application in a fixed position on screen thus improving the overview. This is just a few examples of the Resuscitator flexibility. Because Scorpion Watchdog is a configurable tool - it can do anything you tell it to do!

As shell replacement

On a standalone computer it is very handy to use Scorpion Watchdog as a Shell or Startup Group replacement. This means that all entries in the Startup Group are defined as applications in Scorpion Watchdog and replaced by one shortcut to Scorpion Watchdog.

The Resuscitator in the startup group will normally use the following command-line option:

resuscitator shutdown.ini -hide

With this command line all applications defined in the ini-file will be started and resuscitator will hide itself. It is normal to configure the following programs:

  • Shutdown - enabling remote shutdown of the server
  • Server Control Panel - FindResuscitator used as a local server control panel

With the AutoLogon feature it is possible to extend Scorpion Watchdog not only to be a Startup Replacement but to be a Shell replacement. This means that Scorpion Watchdog is replacing the explorer shell and limiting the normal user's access to the explorer functions.

Key Features
  • Restart your computer over the internet
  • The program watch feature with automatic restart guarantees that your services are available 24/7
  • Automate backups and restarts
  • Keep an application in a fixed position on screen
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 both 32 and 64 bit operating systems


  • Scorpion WatchDog  - Resuscitator - a tool to ensure program availability on a machine running Windows
  • Find Resuscitator - a program in the Resuscitator for Windows product. The purpose of Find Resuscitator is to be a control panel for the Resuscitator Server program.


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