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Release Notes


Scorpion Screen Saver

Scorpion Vision Software transparent screen saver with password locking is used for user input (keyboard/mouse) disabling.

Screen saver disables user input until correct password is provided. (See image below.)

NOTE: default password is 911

Running screen saver



  • From ZIP archive copy four files
    • AxInterop.TdvKeypad.dll
    • Interop.TdvKeypad.dll
    • Scorpion Vision Software.scr
    • Scorpion Vision Software.scr.config
    to system folder (C:\Windows\System32\).
  • In Windows Screen Saver Settings dialog select Scorpion Vision Software in dropdown list (see image below).
    To access Windows Screen Saver Settings:
    • Windows XP: right click on desktop and select Properties->Screen Saver.
    • Windows 7: right click on desktop and select Personalize->Screen Saver.
  • Configure screen saver settings (setup password and/or transparency).
  • Press Apply button.

NOTE: If error window appears with message like "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application." - check if Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is installed properly.



In Windows Screen Saver Settings dialog (image above) click Settings... button. Scorpion Vision Software screen saver settings dialog will appear (image below).

Screensaver settings

In Settings dialog it is possible to change:

  • Unlock Password - screen saver closing password (default 911).
  • Opacity (%) - controls screen saver transparency.


Scorpion Vision Version XII : Build 646 - Date: 20170225
Scorpion Vision Software® is a registered trademark of Tordivel AS.
Copyright © 2000 - 2017 Tordivel AS.