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Difference3D - 151
This tool measure the difference between a located object and its model. The distance in space between object and model is represented as a 2D image, where distance is mapped to intensity.

This tool needs an ordered point cloud.

Tool is currently incomplete.


3D coordinate system

  • Reference - select a 3D reference


  • Subset - currently, only a point cloud subset as delivered from a ConnectedComponents tool can be used.


  • STL file - the CAD model file. Currently, only ASCII STL (stereo lithography) files are supported.
  • Position X,Y,Z - move the model
  • Angle X,Y,Z - rotate the model

Output scaling (saturated)

  • Max (pix 255) - in the output image, intensity represents the spatial distance. Distances between 0 and Max will result in intensity levels 0 to 255; any values above Max yields 255.

Output image (2D)

  • Destination - pick a 2D image in Scorpion to receive the distance mapping.

Model view

This view displays the CAD model as connected triangles (in red) and plane normals (in yellow). You can customise the view, but this has no significance for the tool's operation.


(none yet defined)

Model CAD model, translated/rotated
Normals Plane normals for CAD model


(none yet defined)  

ExecuteCmd support
(see also executeCmd)



Return values





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