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ImageMerger - 82

The ImageMerger tool is a tool for combining images taken by a robot controlled camera:

  • 4 calibration images to determine world/robot coordinates (4pt-calib)
  • Logic to determine robot positioning for each subimage
  • 100% driven by ExecuteCmd interface
  • The tool does nothing during an inspection

Instructions for use

  • Prerequisites
    • The connected camera should have camera calibration active. The calibrated images must be rotated so that pixel rows/columns are parallel to the "world" coordinate y and x axes, respectively.
  • Calibration
    • Four distinct marks with known "world" positions must exist on a calibration object
    • Position the camera over each calibration mark, note the robot coordinates, and execute SET/CALIBIMAGE for each
  • Setup
    • Specify the "world" coordinates to cover and required subimage overlap
  • Running
    • Command GET/GRIDSIZE returns number of subimages in X and Y position
    • Loop over required subimages, execute SET/GRIDINDEX for each, then GET/ROBOT to get required robot position. Position the robot and execute SNAPSHOT
    • To create/display a partial output image, execute MERGEPARTIAL
    • When the required images are taken, execute MERGE to create the output image


[Reference - Reference system selection; not currently used]

Output image - name of image to present result

Grid calculation - parameters to determine "world" grid

  • Image start - "world" coordinates for upper left corner of resulting image
  • Image end - "world" coordinates for lower right corner of resulting image
  • Overlap (%) - subimage overlap - may be used to fine tune image positions
  • Grid size - (R/O) - number of subimages needed in X and Y position to cover "world"


Input image details

Should be read from camera calibration. Pitch is not currently available.

  • Size - (R/O) - pixels 
  • Pitch - (to be R/O) - pixel size in object coordinates

Calibration positions

  • Position (1-4) - world position of calibration mark
  • Robot (1-4) - robot position when image was taken
  • Set (1-4) - acquire image, store and calibrate if possible
  • Input - name of input image for calibration images when Set buttons are pressed
  • Calibrated - shows green check when calibration is completed

Blob analysis

Currently, the largest blob found in the calibration images is used as the calibration mark.

  • Threshold min/max - blob threshold
  • Morphology - erode/dilate
  • Smooth factor (count) - blob smoothing

Calibration images

The four images are stored, visualising the result of the blob analysis.

  • Delete this - delete shown calibration image
  • Delete all - remove all calibration images





ExecuteCmd support
(see also executeCmd)



Return values


Get Object=Calibrated ok,True|False True if calibration is completed, False otherwise
Get Object=ImageStart

ok,(x;y) "World" corners for complete image
Get Object=Overlap ok,(x;y) Overlap percent in X and Y directions
Get Object=GridSize ok,(x;y) Number of subimages needed to cover "world", in X and Y directions
Get Object=GridIndex ok,(x;y) Zero-based index of current subimage
Get Object=Robot ok,(x;y) Required robot position for current subimage
Set Object=ImageStart;Value=(x;y)

ok,None "World" corners for complete image
Set Object=Overlap;Value=(x;y) ok,None Overlap percent in X and Y directions
Set Object=CalibImage;Number=<n>;
ok,None Set calibration image with all corresponding information
Set Object=GridIndex;Value=(x;y) ok,None Zero-based index of current subimage
Delete Object=CalibImage;Number=<n> ok,None Delete calibration image
Snapshot - ok,None Acquire subimage
Merge - ok,None Compile output image from taken subimages
MergePartial - ok,None Compile intermediate output image from taken subimages
Reset - ok,None Remove all taken subimages and reset GridIndex



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