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ConnectedComponents3D - 146

This tool will connect and split objects in a point cloud, in effect separating objects by proximity. The tool will find up to 8 objects, and return ROI box details so that other tools may work on these objects. Note: currently only the ROI boxes are output - there is no support for delivering the subclouds constituting the objects found.

This tool needs an ordered point cloud.


3D coordinate system

  • Reference - select a 3D reference for position and results


Contrast filter

  • Active - enabled/disabled
  • Contrast - element 4 in a 5-element point cloud; set min and max allowable value


Component analysis

  • Diff threshold - proximity threshold for separating objects
  • Min size - minimum point count for accepted object
  • Max size - maximum point count for accepted object

ROI Region of interest
FilteredPoints Subset of point cloud filtered by contrast filter
ComponentBox[n] Surrounding cuboid for object n, (n<=8)
Points[n] Points in object n, (n<=8)


Components Number of components found (up to 8)
Points Number of points in point cloud
FilteredPoints Number of points filtered by contrast filter
Points[n] Point count for object n
Center[n].x/.y/.z Center of gravity for object n
Angle[n].x/.y/.z Rotation for object n
Size[n].x/.y/.z Extent for object n

ExecuteCmd support
(see also executeCmd)



Return values





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