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EasyOCV - 79

EasyOCV is a Scorpion wrapper for the Euresys eVision EasyOCV ActiveX control.

The control is licensed separately, see http://www.euresys.com/ and requires a Euresys usb-dongle to run.

When installing Scorpion it is required to select and install the eVision module in the Scorpion Setup. The tool was originally based on eVision Version 6.6. A compatible and complete set of files are installed when installing Scorpion.

  • Does not support training

EasyOCV is a library dedicated to perform character verification.

The OCV engine must be presented with a sample print. This is not supported and must be done elsewhere, e.g. using the Euresys EasyAccess application. See the Euresys documentation for details on this system.


Reference - Reference system selection

ROI (Region of interest)

  • Use whole picture - only possible if the reference is trivial, i.e., with no calibrator, perspective, rotation or scaling. Position/size is ignored if this is checked.
  • Center-X - x
  • Center-Y - y
  • dX - height
  • dY - width
  • Paste integer values only - if checked, pasted rectangles are forced at pixel centers (faster processing)
  • Size - resampling of the incoming image to shrink/grow.

Point & Click Clipboard Support

The rectangular roi is defined by four points.

 One point will change the center point.

More on Image Operations.


Resample grid

See static grid.

OCV file

The OCV training data is always stored in an external (*.OCV) file. This file is compatible with any program using the Euresys OCV library.


In the learning process, individual characters are collapsed to produce texts. Results are reported and visualised separately for the individual characters and texts.

Whole picture 1: whole picture was searched; 0: specified ROI was used
Trivial refsys 1: reference system is trivial - whole picture may be used; 0: not trivial - whole picture not available
OK 0/1
Result Gives diagnostics message from the verification process. Corresponds to the "most important" of the other results on the following lines.
Char not found 0/1
Text not found 0/1
Char overprinting 0/1
Char underprinting 0/1
Char mismatch 0/1
Text overprinting 0/1
Text underprinting 0/1
Text mismatch o/1
Bad contrast 0/1


ROI Search area
OK No verification error
Error Some verification error
TextError Texts with error
TextOK Texts without error
CharError Characters with error
CharOK Characters without error

ExecuteCmd support
(see also executeCmd)



Return values


Set Object=ROI;Value=<point/polygon> ok,res Sets the tool's ROI. See Copy/paste ROIs for details.
Get Object=ROI ok,<polygon> Current ROI (angled rectangle).



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