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System Events are events called from the Scorpion kernel where the user can write custom scripts and sometimes override the default behaviour in Scorpion.

Events Description
System.CameraError called on camera errors
System.ImageComplete called after an acquired image is received
System.CameraCommand called from camera, cameradriver spesific
System.LoadTools called prior to loading toolbox configuration, enables the user to load external toolbox configuration
System.SaveTools called prior to saving toolbox, enables the user to save the toolbox to an external configuration file
System.ToolApply called when the user applies tool configuration changes
System.ToolVariantChanged called when an ExternalDictionary tools current value changes
System.DataInputApply called when the user applies data in a DataInput page
System.QueryUserEvent called when user interacts with application
System.QueryStart called to query before stopping
System.QueryStop called to query before stopping
System.QueryClose called to query before close
System.AfterInspect called after inspect command
System.PageChanged called after the right side pages changes
System.UpdateResultPanel called after ResultPanel default update
System.UpdateIndicatorPanel called after IndicatorPanel default update
System.IndicatorPanelClick called when user clicks an IndicatorPanel
System.IndicatorPanelMenu called when user clicks an IndicatorPanel menu
System.BeforeContextChange called prior to changes in the system variable System.Context
System.AfterContextChange called after changes in the system variable System.Context
System.SimulationChanged called after image simulation mode changes
System.OperationStateChanged called after Operation State changes
System.ProductChanged called after the system tag System.Product changes
System.BatchChanged called after the system tag System.Batch changes
System.RecipeChanged called after the system tag System.Recipe changes
System.UserNameChanged called after the system tag System.UserName changes
System.AccessControlChanged called after settings- or servicemode changes
System.MouseDown called when user clicks in an image
System.MouseUp called when user clicks in an image
System.MouseMove called when user moves the cursor in an image
System.Zoom called when user zooms in image
System.Save called after profile is saved
System.Timer called when a user defined timer event occurs
System.LIDChanged called after Language ID changes
System.LogMsg called whenever a system log message is created

All central events can be used as callback from python scripts using the RegisterCallback method.

The Scorpion Action and Command system complements the System Events.


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