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In the Scorpion application model events play an important role. A large number events / actions are defined by the system. The user can add user-defined events.

In an event-driven environment one can easily customize the system by configuring special command sequences to be run when a specific event occurs.

The Actions are configured under Service\Actions

A system event can be defined by Scorpion or by the user . Commands from external systems are typical examples of user defined system events.  

Choose a system event, press under Command sequence for ‘system event’ and the Command Properties window appears.

Here you add the command and eventual parameters. In the Guard field, you can give the name of a logical or script tool. The command will then only be run if the result of this tool is true (=1). If you select the INV box, the command is run only if the result is false (=0). Press the -button, and you find available commands and guards.

You can run a selected command immediately by pressing the button.

Error messages are sent to the System log.

We recommend to read about the companion System Events that can be handled with python scripts to understand the Scorpion architecture.

Below a typical inspection sequence is shown:


The system defined events may also be called from within an other event, either by the localized name or by the internal name. Using the internal name will always work when transferring profiles between computers with different locale settings.

Event/Action Syntax:

  • <name>;<delay=<nnnn>> where

    • name - is name of event

    • delay - is specified in ms

      • a delay less than zero will cancel the action

Example 1: Execute Action after non-blocking 100 ms delay

  • SendSetup;delay=100


  • ExecuteCmd('SendSetup','delay=100')

Example 2: Cancel pending Action

  • SendSetup;delay=-1

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