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To adapt the system to your needs, Scorpion has defined a set of commands to be used at system events. For each system event, you can define a command sequence to be run when the event occurs. The commands can also be scheduled to run repetitively. 

A system event can be defined by Scorpion or by the user. Commands from external systems are typical examples of user defined system events.  

The commands are divided into the following groups:

  • System

  • Camera

  • Communication

  • IO

  • Profibus

More about system events.

The following buttons are available:

  • New - creates a new command
  • Edit - edits the selected command
  • Delete - deletes the selected command
  • De/Activate - activates or deactivate the selected command
  • Execute - manually executes the selected command
  • Help - activates this page

The command properties are:

  • Active
  • Command - command to be executed
    • ... - will browse the available commands
  • Parameters - the parameters of the command
  • Guard - the state of the guard determines of the command is executed
    • Inverted - will invert the state of the guard
    • ... will browse the logic tool of the profile
  • Help - activates help

Example 1: TdvCmdFormat - Send message to port 8701 Setting A and B from A.Value and B.Value


Note: From Python Commands are executed using ExecuteCmd


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