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Events / Actions

In the Scorpion application model events play an important role. A large number are defined by the system. You can add user-defined events. In an event-driven environment one can easily customize the system by configuring special command sequences to be run when a specific event occurs. 

The system defined events may also be called from within an other event, either by the localized name or by the internal name.

Start up
Before Start
After Stop
Before inspection
After inspection
Unknown unit
Quality alarm activation
Quality alarm deactivation
Before Open Settings
After Close Settings
Before Open Service
After Close Service
Image N exposed
Image N complete
Image grab
After image acquisition
User defined

Using the internal name will always work when transferring profiles between computers with different locale settings.

The following buttons are available:

- New - creates a new event or command handler
- Edits the selected handler
- De/Activate - activates or deactivate the selected handler
- Delete handler
Execute - manually execute the selected event
- Copy element
- Paste element from clipboard
- H
elp - activate this page

The handlers properties are:

  • Active - a handler can be activate or deactivated
  • Name - name of handler
    • ... - will browse the system defined handler
  • Guard - the state of the guard determines of the handler is executed
    • Inv - will invert the state of the guard
    • ... will browse the logic tool of the profile
  • Description - a free text field

The Event Trace activated from Service.General provides important information about the sequence of command and event handlers


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