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The Scheduler is used to define tasks to be triggered periodically.

The tasks are activated or deactivated by selecting the box in front of their name.

- New - creates a new scheduler
- Configure - activates the property page
- Selection up
- Selection down

- Delete -removes pages
- Execute selected item

Task Property Dialog

The task has a Name - executes a command with the given scehdule - can be enabled/disabled.

The commands described under Commands can be used here, thus run repetitively and scheduled.

In the example above the 'CameraTrigger' command is set to trigger the camera every second.

Hint: Use the ‘SaveImage’ command to save an image to file from time to time. These pictures can later be run as live video, thus you can easily see if e.g. the light conditions have changed over time. You find live video under Service-Camera.



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